We are fed up with a political dialogue that has lost sight of True American values and has instead devolved into a steel-cage mud wrestling match and national celebration of stupidity. I am lost, with no political home. Our choices are Coke vs Pepsi, Burger King vs McDonalds. Where’s the meat, the substance, the true american values?

The only thing Jon Stewart did that I ever really liked was when he destroyed Crossfire, the hack political news show that purported to pit liberal and conservatives against each other in a “debate.” But Stewart called out those hacks for what they were: “It’s hurting America. Here is what I wanted to tell you guys: Stop. You have a responsibility to the public discourse, and you fail miserably.” Just a few months later, the show was cancelled. A brief moment of sanity in the history of TV journalism.

Sadly, it did not reflect a trend. And in fact, those same two hack hosts that Stewart mowed down re-emerged soon after like the invasive weeds they are.

And it’s only gotten worse. The divisiveness. The lack of reason and rationality. The snark. It’s more like Red Sox and Yankees fans haranguing each other and committing minor mayhem in the streets.

This is isn’t a game, though. It’s our country. It’s a great country, that with all its warts and failures, has given tremendously to the world, and has so much more to give, if only we can reorient ourselves back to a set of shared values, the fundamental values that should shape our conversations, our actions, and our country.

These are True American values, things we can all agree on out of context and in the abstract, but have lost sight of in our daily discourse: justice and rule of law, fairness and honesty, hard work and innovation, family and community, responsibility and accountability.

So this is what True America News™ seeks to do, to drop the phony partisan politics — professional wrestling in suits and tv makeup — and to cover and discuss our lives as Americans in a shared language of American values, irrespective of race, religion, state, or party, not as opposing teams or warring factions, but together as True Americans. Join us.